Make Your Own Lavender Soap


For about 3 years now I have only been using goats milk soap and have noticed a big {good} difference in my skin, but unfortunately it’s been kind of pricey at $5-7 a bar.

So what’s a girl supposed to do? Make my own of course, and with V-Day quickly approaching I thought I’d put a little spin on it for you…y’know…just in case your inspired to make a batch for gifts!


  • Melt and Pour Soap Base (I bought my online, but any craft store should have it)
  • Fresh Lavender Buds (optional, again bought online, but feel free to change it up)
  • Lavender Essential Oil (Whole Foods or any store that carries holistic type stuff)
  • Silicone Cupcake Molds in a heart shape (or any shape you’d like your soaps to be)
  • Microwave safe measuring cup
  • Sharp knife (be careful!)


My goats milk soap base came in a 2 lb. block, so I cut about 1/4 of it off and put it in my measuring cup, placed in the microwave for 45 seconds until it was completely melted. Don’t walk away from the microwave…it melts fast! Just watch it until your soap has liquified, then take it out, but BE CAREFUL…It’s VERY hot!


VERY VERY HOT! I added 1 drop (I like a light fragrance but it’s personal preference) of my lavender oil and used my knife to carefully stir it up a bit just to make sure everything was melted and mixed.

Now the fun part…


Lay out your silicone cups, and put a sprinkle of lavender buds into them. Just enough to cover the bottom I think is a good amount.


Go ahead and slowly pour your soap base into the molds. Be careful though, it’s still pretty hot.

Now you just sit and wait. I think mine were cool and set up in about 5 minutes.

Peel the silicone away, and you will have sweet little heart shaped soaps with dried lavender in them…


I was feeling extra crafty today and decided to take my knife and carve out a little “love” note, but you could totally leave them as is and they will be equally as cute.

I spent about $28.00 for all of the ingredients I needed, but remember I only used 1/4 of the soap block and barely any of the lavender. Out of 1/4 of the 2 lb. block I was able to get 5 good sized soaps. So figuring that a 2lb. block will make me 20 soaps vs. spending $5-7 a soap at the store… I think it’s a win win! Plus now I know exactly what’s in my soap and can customize the fragrance whenever I want.

“LOVE” it…


Are you feeling inspired to make your own soap? What scent combo would you use?

Talk to you soon,


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  1. says

    Oh my gosh – these are beautiful Christine!! I have never made soap before but have always wanted to and now you have inspired me to try! Thanks so much for linking up your creativity at IT’s Party Time!!
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  2. Christen says

    How did you carve “love” so perfectly into the soap? Did you use a special knife or just a really sharp one? They are so cute! Thanks!!

    • Christine says

      No special knife. Just a sharp paring knife and scraped it lightly, running the soap under warm water every once in a while so the edges of the word melted a bit. I’m not going to lie…it took a little while to make it look photo ready 😉


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