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I was taught a trick today… I thought what a fantastically-stupid-simple idea! I have to share this with my readers! So here you are…for those of you hanging stuff challenged out there. You will never have 600 holes in your wall for one mirror or painting again!

Painters Tape

Turn over whatever you’re hanging and find the hooks/holes/whatever…

Lay a line of painters tape across the two hooks/holes/whatever…

Now mark on your tape where the hooks/holes/whatever(s) are, remove the tape from the back, and stick it on your wall where you’re going to hang it up.

You can use a level at this point to make sure your tape is straight. (I couldn’t find mine, so we’re moving on…)

Now nail into the wall where you made your marks on the tape…

And hang…

Did you just slap your palm against your forehead? I know I did when I realized how stinkin’ easy this was!

You don’t have to say it…

You’re welcome ;o)

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  1. RobinM says

    I just hung some things this weekend and sure could of used this tip as I was struggling to do it without a second set of hands or extra pair of eyes…..but more to hang soon so I’m glad I know now.

  2. Patty says

    Great tip! I’ve seen other tips that I couldn’t seem to quite follow, but even I can understand this “fantastically-stupid-simple idea”! Thanks! BTW – LOVE LOVE LOVE the mirror!

  3. Hallie says

    I’m so glad I found this on Pinterest. Thank you for posting, you saved me and the walls I was working with. Blessings!!!


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