Do you remember?



Do you remember this photo from PB a couple of years ago?
This piece was actually discontinued a little while later, but I saved the image in my computer for future inspiration. This cube cubby retailed for around $300 at the time, and the image I had saved had 4 of them stacked together, 2 on the bottom, 2 on the top for a whopping $1200 buckaroos! One could dream right??? 
Well I did dream…
Enter IKEA Expidit
This particular size retails for 129.99!
Yesterday afternoon I took a drive up to Ikea and grabbed one.CAUTION: This thing is HEAVY! Once I brought it home and put it together, I realized the shelves in the middle were too narrow to put a metal name plate on like the PB one. Bummer, right?
So today while at Home Depot getting more landscape fabric (no the island is not done, yet!) I went over to the molding aisle to see if I could find something to attach to the shelving unit.They sure did!It was a thin piece of exterior siding, same color, perfect size and CHEAP! $7 and change for 3 pieces. So I came home, measured, mitered, and stuck them on with white gorilla glue.
I’m probably going to need to caulk the edges a bit, but for now it’s fine.The finishing touch was those labels, and if you haven’t yet been to Staples, now is the time my friends! Martha Stewart has saved the day yet again with her metal book plates.
$4.99 for a bag of 6, and I needed 16 total, so 3 bags for around $16. They already have a sticky back so just write what you want on them, and stick them on any smooth surface.


PB- $1200
My total: Around $150


I had originally wanted it in the dining room, but it was too big. So I rearranged our family room, and put it there. 
OH! and the BONUS of having it in the family room….

I now have a make shift mantle to decorate!
Talk to you soon!






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      Wow! You have 6?!? I was thinking about getting another one for our office but was thinking it might look silly to have duplicate furniture everywhere. I might do the Billy Bookcase builtins instead 😉

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    Awesome, I love your decorating too! I am so into the birds right now. I need one of these but alas my house is too small and I’m searching for another. I will definately check back often for ideas.

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    Another great knock off. It really looks good, amazing more like. Really like how you “styled” and displayed the inside. Creative how you make the crossbars larger to be able to add label. Very creative. My fingers are crossed that you might consider sharing this at Sunday’ Best Par.tay tonight.

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    Ok I have TWO of these hulking, black monstrosities & I hate them with a passion! I want to get rid of them so bad I’m about to take a hammer to them some night while my husband is out of town. *Gee, honey, I don’t know WHAT happened. The hammer just slipped…!* Yours look waaaay better than mine do! It must be the talented woman who put it together. Great job!


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