A “Little Man” and Lemonade Baby Shower


Have I ever mentioned that I know some super talented, and amazing women? It’s true. I really do.

Last year I showed you the talent of my friend Gisell, who threw her daughter a Minnie Mouse themed first birthday party. I also shared my own daughter’s purple and green Halloween birthday bash.

Today, I am showing you the most amazing baby shower I have (personally) ever seen, thrown by my friend Meagan and her friend Cassie for Meagan’s sister who was expecting a beautiful baby boy last fall. The incredible photo’s of this event were taken by the super talented Randi, who just so happens to blog over at RandiRooHoo, so definitely head on over there when you get a chance and give her a warm hello!

Now onto the party…


Mustaches have been a cute craze for a while, heck I even jumped on the wagon with my ‘mustache valentines, but to turn a simple mustache into an ongoing theme for a baby shower was just ingenious!

One of my favorite things about this baby shower was the thought put into every.single.detail. I’m not kidding! These girls thought of everything!


Bringing a book instead of a card…If I could do my shower over I definitely would want this. Cards are sentimental and beautiful, but books are so useful and kept for a lot longer. I just thought this was so special that they included this little note into the invitations so people knew ahead of time what to bring.

Remember how I said every.single.detail was thought of…



A storage shelf for all of those books was set up right next to mom-to-be to display what that lucky little baby boy would be reading someday.


Outside the color yellow was prominent in the decor for the shower. Whether it was simple butter colored table linens, yellow and white floral arrangements, to actually having lemon slices floating at the bottom of those arrangements, it set the mood for a casual yet very joyous occasion!


Inside was equally as impressive with a simple hanging doorway banner to welcome ‘the new little man,’ and other personal touches throughout.


When it came to drinks the hosts wanted all of the guests to feel at ease, so they approached it with a “serve yourself” kind of attitude. DIY chalkboard labels were scattered around to let everyone know what was being served.



Can we stop and talk about these mustache paper straws for a second? I’m obsessed, and trying to think of how I can incorporate these into everyday life…



Mason jars are the epitome of casual entertaining and I love how they used them, not only for drinks but as a vase for the floral arrangements as well! I told you from the start…every.single.detail was thought of.

The food…


Once again, the attitude was casual and laid back, but this time…kind of sassy. You see, the girls offered up a smorgasbord of perfectly portioned out fare that was not only light and delicious, but ‘hand held’ friendly.

The reason? They wanted their guests to be able to munch and mingle. Love it!


The menu consisted of…

  • Tortellini skewers (tomatoes, spinach, tortellini, w/ balsamic dip)
  • Hummus “shots” with bell pepper dippers
  • Shrimp cocktail “shots” 
  • fruit skewers
  • Spinach and artichoke wonton cups
  • Mozzarella skewers 
  • Puff pastry herbed cheese straws 
  • Meatballs 
  • Sangria and Sweet Tea


And who can forget dessert?


Once again those adorable little mustaches appear! This time as a sweet banner cake topper!


When it was time to leave…Guests were able to grab individually wrapped mustache chocolates to take home with them…


But before guests could leave, there was just one thing they had to do…


A DIY Photo Booth was constructed out of an oversized frame and some lumber to hold it in place in the ground. Everyone was able to pick a prop or two of cut out glasses, mustaches, bow ties, etc…and…



Thanks again Meagan for allowing me to feature this AMAZING day!

If you absolutely ADORE this baby shower…and I know you do…

Make sure to leave a comment below and show Meagan, Cassie, and the {glowing} momma Alisa some major love!

Talk to you soon,





  1. Cody Lundgren says

    I love the baby shower invites for the little man and lemonade shower! I am planning a shower for March, and was wondering where or how I could go about purchasing these!

    • Christine says

      It’s from a local shop, but I’m sure anyone talented on Etsy could duplicate it for you. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Liz says

    LOVE all of these wonderful ideas! I especially love the note about bringing a book. Where were these made so that I can put them in my invites? Also, where was the book storage shelf purchased?
    Thank you!

    • Christine says

      They were made by a local print shop in our town, but I’m sure any talented Etsy shop owner could duplicate it for you :)

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