Merry Christmas 2011

There is nothing greater as a parent than waking up to a child’s happy voice screaming “SANTA CAME!!” 
He sure did, and in Santa fashion always gives her MORE than what she really needs and wants. 
Even the pets got some toys in their stockings…
Mommy gave Daddy…what else? Tools for all the repairs and maintenance he’s going to be doing next year. 😉 
And Zoe got the “tickle me Elmo” of 2011…The Vtech Innotab. I almost had to knock some people on their butts to get this toy. Money well spent in my opinion because it’s extremely educational, and she played with it all morning. 
Christmas dinner was delish. A perfectly cooked rib roast, with sauteed green beans, and smashed potatoes.
I wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!



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